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2022 Consumers Choice Award Winner - Your Leaders in Quality Forklift Training         


Where Safety Meets Excellence.


Elevate your company’s operational capabilities by choosing WST’s forklift training. Unlock a myriad of benefits that extend beyond skill acquisition. From fostering a culture of safety to boosting operational efficiency, our comprehensive training programs ensure that your team is not only equipped with essential forklift skills but also instilled with a commitment to workplace safety.  


Enjoy reduced accidents, increased productivity, and compliance with industry standards, all while cultivating a work environment that prioritizes the well-being of your employees.


Mastering the art of forklift forklift operation is not just a skill, it’s a necessity. With a focus on precision and safety - WST is where safety meets excellence. Trust in our training to empower your workforce.


Whether you need forklift recertification, new operator programs, or ongoing training for new employees, our expert trainers are ready and waiting for you!

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Customized Solutions​

In-person or Online Training​

Flexible Scheduling

Cost Effective Rates

Expiration Reminders

All The Necessary Components Included

Forklift Training Programs include the necessary components required for your organization to meet MOL, CSA & OHSA Standards.

Theoretical Training

In-person or Online theory component with Knowledge Skills Evaluation included.

Hands-on Drivers Training

For new operators, qualified trainers provide practical hands-on driver training with an average of 8 hours of practical time.

Operator Skills Assessment

Assess the employee's practical skills to ensure that they meet industry and safety standards.

Forklift Certification

Industry-recognized photo ID and Diploma Certificate with essential training records.

*Please note - An experienced operator or one who requires recertification may choose to skip step 2 and move to step 3 to complete their operators skills assessment.

We understand that no two employees are alike 

There are two levels of training available to meet the individual needs of each employee, whether you want to renew your employee's previous forklift certifications, improve their forklift driving skills, hire a new operator, or have introduced new lift truck equipment into your facility.

New Operator / Beginner Forklift Training Programs are designed for individuals who have minimal to no experience operating a forklift truck or looking to learn a new class of lift equipment.

Advanced or Renewal Forklift Training Programs are designed for experienced individuals and/or individuals who have been previously certified with an expired certificate. 

Choose from many Classes of Forklift & Material Handling Equipment

Every warehouse is different and requires different types of forklift truck equipment for a variety of applications. WORK SAFE Training provides Training Programs on a wide range of equipment classes to meet your company needs.

Forklift Trucks

Specialized Training available for Clamp Attachments - Roll Clamp, Box Clamp, Paper Roll, Push / Pull, Rotators

Forklift - Counter Balance - Class I IV V, 3 or 4 wheel, Propane , Gas, DIesel or Battery.
Counter Balance
Class I IV, V
Forklift - Counter Balance - Stand-Up Dockstocker, Class I, Battery.png
Class I
Narrow Aisle Reach Truck - Class II - High Lift, Straddle, Extended or Deep.png
Narrow Aisle Reach
Class II
Narrow Aisle Swing Reach - Class II - Turret Truck.png
Swing Reach/ Turret
Class II
Order Picker - Class II.png
Order Picker
Class II
Walkie Rider Pallet - Class III , End Control - Battery, Single, Double or Triple Pallet.p
Walker Rider Pallet
Class III
Walkie Rider Pallet Stacker - Class III , End Control - Battery, Single, Double or Triple
Pallet Stacker
Class III
Forklift - Counter Balance - Class VII, Rough Terrain,  3 or 4 wheel, Propane , Gas, DIese
Rough Terrain Forklift
Class VII

MEWP – Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

MEWP - Aerial Scissor Lift - Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Skyjack.png
Aerial Lift (Scissor)
Type 1, Group A
MEWP - Single Man Lift.png
Single Man Lift
Type 1, Group A
MEWP - Zoom Boom - Articulating Boom Lift.png
Articulating Boom Lift Type 3, Group B
MEWP - Zoom Zoom - Telescopic Boom Lift.png
Telescopic Boom Lift
Type 3, Group B

Working with WORK SAFE has been really great. Very well organized, detail oriented, extremely responsive, flexible and very accommodating with changing schedules.

-Brian Bleistwitz

Not sure what training your company will need?

We have you covered! WORK SAFE can conduct onsite inspections to assess your specific needs and ensure you meet Ministry Standards.


Please contact us for on-site pricing and group rates.


We provide Workplace Health & Safety Programs to help you meet Ministry Standards. These programs complement safe forklift operations by creating a safer workplace environment for your employees. Industrial, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, retail, and other industries would benefit.

We offer in-store WHMIS 2015, Slips, Trips and Fall Protection, and Propane Cylinder Exchange.

Onsite Forklift Company Training.jpg
Cobra Safety


With a shared commitment to promoting safety and ensuring compliance, Cobra Safety offers a range of essential services including Program Development, Investigations, Advisory, and Risk/Hazard Assessments.

Connect with our preferred training partner, Cobra Safety, today to take the next step in creating a safer work environment for your company.

Onsite Forklift Training Programs are available
Monday – Saturday

Forklift Training Programs are designed to fit with your organization's demanding schedule. 

Whatever your need is, our trainers are ready!

• Monday-Saturday’s

• Evenings  & Weekends

• Early Morning

• Late Evening

Scarborough / Toronto / Mississauga / Brampton / Vaughan / Oakville / Markham / Richmond Hill / Ajax / Pickering / Oshawa / Barrie / Durham / Hamilton / Milton / York Region / Etobicoke


"Just finished the 5 days course to certify for Counterbalance, Walkie, Order Picker, Narrow Aisle and Fall Protection. I can’t say enough for the friendly office staff & very knowledgeable & skilled instructor. "

—  Manaios C.
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