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New Operator Forklift Training

Programs for Beginner/ Entry Level 

In today's ever-changing economy, securing employment may seem like a challenge. 

One career that has continued to provide reliable, in-demand jobs with great salaries and security is forklift operators.  

Gain the skills to operate a forklift to secure employment with New Operator Forklift Training. At WORK SAFE Training, all the components and requirements you need to get started on your career as a Forklift Operator are included. Master the art of operating a forklift and get working today.

Your 3 Steps to Forklift Certification

** Certification is Included – Photo ID + Diploma + Training Record - valid for 3 years**

All I can say is the best!  Even though I am a foreigner ( not good English) their entire staff was so nice to me.


They taught me step by step and made me feel no pressure. Now I am more confident and believe in myself.  I am looking forward to working in this field.

-Tilly Yoon

We Develop Skilled, Competent & Confident Forklift Operators

You will work with a qualified trainer and gain the necessary techniques and skills. As well as be refreshed upon industry standards and what responsibilities you will have. All the requirements are provided to get you properly trained and certified according to Ministry Standards.


 We offer cost-effective rates, flexible scheduling, and a free Job Connection Service to get you working. Training can be completed at one of our 2 fully equipped training centres that are simulated in design to a real workplace warehouse setting or at company sites.

Choose from any of the 5 forklifts for your training 

Forklift - Counter Balance - Class I IV V, 3 or 4 wheel, Propane , Gas, DIesel or Battery.
Counter Balance
Narrow Aisle Reach Truck - Class II - High Lift, Straddle, Extended or Deep.png
Narrow Aisle Reach
Order Picker - Class II.png
Order Picker
Walkie Rider Pallet - Class III , End Control - Battery, Single, Double or Triple Pallet.p
Walkie Rider Pallet
MEWP - Aerial Scissor Lift - Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Skyjack.png
Aerial Scissor Lift
Training Duration

New Operator Forklift Programs typically last 1 to 5 days

Additional Benefits

  • Receive 1 Free Practice session after completion (per forklift).

  • Theory Evaluations (assessments) available in 14 languages, currently offered in-store with an online option coming soon.

  • Job connection support available to help secure employment opportunities.


Choose to bundle 4 or 5 forklifts and you receive Free Fall Protection Training - Value $55

1 Forklift: $250 + tax

2 Forklifts: $350 + tax

3 Forklifts: $450 + tax

4 Forklifts: $500 + tax

5 Forklifts: $600 + tax

Add On Programs

Purchase forklift training and you will have the option to include any of these programs for only $55 + tax each:

  • Fall Protection

  • Propane Cylinder Exchange


Financial Assistance &
Job Connection Service

Need financial assistance?

Explore our funding options and connect with our community partners to help cover your training costs.

We also offer a Job Connection Service to secure employment shortly after completion.

How to Book

Contact us via call, email, or visit one of our locations.

Appointments Available

Monday to Saturday at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, or 3:00 pm.

Payment Options

Debit (Interac)

Credit Card



Company Cheque


Payment Details

The full amount is due at the time of booking.

new operator 1

Don’t miss out - with high demand for operators, you could earn up to $25 per hour.

Expert Instructors: Learn from certified professionals.


Hands-On Experience: Practice in a real-world warehouse setting.


Safety First: Master safety protocols for accident-free operations.


Don't miss out on career opportunities! Enroll now for a brighter, safer future.

Did you know?

WORK SAFE Training offers a FREE practice session after the completion of your training?

This is a fantastic opportunity for new operators who want to get some extra practice before a job or important interview.
Theory & Practical

Theoretical Components

  • Legislation, Causes, and Prevention of Accidents

  • Lift Truck Components & Nameplate

  • Stability Principles

  • Pre-Operational Safety Inspections

  • Start-up & Shutdown Procedures

  • Travelling with & without loads

  • Load Handling, Selection, Security, and Placement

  • Travelling on Ramps & Grades

  • Pedestrian Safety

  • Workplace Specific Hazards

  • Refueling – Propane, Gas, Diesel

  • Recharging of Batteries​

Practical Training Components

  • Pre-Shift Inspection (circle check)

  • Propane Exchange + Battery Charging & Maintenance

  • Forward / Reverse Travelling

  • Pivoting (Turning)  

  • Transporting & Handling of Loads

  • Stacking and Racking

  • Dock / Ramp Safety

  • Parking

  • Work Place Hazards Review


"Just finished the 5 days course to certify for Counterbalance, Walkie, Order Picker, Narrow Aisle and Fall Protection. I can’t say enough for the friendly office staff & very knowledgeable & skilled instructor. "

—  Manaios C.
Advanced & Renewal Forklift Training

Perfect for experienced operators or those in need of recertification.

Take control of your career path with WORK SAFE Training.

Online Training

Conveniently learn theory at your own pace, from anywhere with WORK SAFE's e-Learning Programs

Choose the option that suits you best and elevate your forklift expertise now!

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