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Safety Programs Designed to Keep You And / Or Your Employees Safe at Work

Onsite Inhouse Forklift Training Certification, Forklift Renewal, Forklift Recertification
Workplace safety is essential in ensuring Ontario workers and workplaces are a safe environment for all. 

This leads to fewer accidents and ministry fines. We offer a variety of workplace safety programs to keep you or your employees safe at work. Programs include all the necessary components and requirements. We provide Diploma & Photo ID Certification and a Training Record upon completion.

Programs are available at one of our 2 Locations or on-site at your company.  

See Below for more information on the programs available.

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WHIMIS 2015 - $55 + tax

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (W.H.M.I.S 2015) is a Globally Harmonized System designed to give employers and workers information about hazardous materials used in the workplace.

Any person who comes in contact or is exposed to hazardous materials is required to complete W.H.M.I.S 2015 Training in order to acquire the knowledge in identifying hazards and protecting themselves from workplace accidents.

WORK SAFE’s W.H.M.I.S 2015 Training Course consists of :

Theoretical Instruction, Knowledge Evaluation, Photo ID & Diploma Certification.

Training Content

  1. What is GHS

  2. Labels & Pictograms

  3. Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  4. Worker Education & Worker Rights

  5. Controlling Hazards

  6. Recognize Harmful Effects of Hazardous Materials

  7. Emergency Procedures

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Slips, trips, and Fall Protection - $55 + tax

Slips, Trips, and Fall Protection Training Program provides workers with the basic knowledge required to work safely in industrial areas exposed to fall hazards. It is intended for any worker who at times be required to work at heights or on lift equipment  Such as an Order Picker or Aerial Lift Truck.

This program provides workers with the required knowledge to prevent slips and trips accidents, utilize ladders safely, and how to select the proper fall protection components for their application and how to correctly use, inspect and maintain their fall protection system. 

WORK SAFE’s Slips, Trips, and Fall Protection Training Program consists of:

Theoretical Instruction, Knowledge Evaluation, Safe use of Harness Demonstration, Photo ID & Diploma Certification.

Training Content

  1. Legal Responsibilities

  2. Basic Hazards and Controls

  3. Slips and Trips Prevention

  4. Fall Prevention

  5. Ladder Safety and Inspection

  6. Fall Arrest System and Components

  7. Safety Belts/Lifelines/Lanyards and Anchorage

  8. Connection Devices and Tie-off Points

  9. Inspection and Maintenance

  10. Emergency Rescue

Propane Cylinder Exchange - $55 + tax

Propane Cylinder Exchange Training Program will instruct participants on correct propane cylinder exchange procedures. This course is designed specifically for any worker whose responsibilities include handling or changing propane cylinders. Participants will receive training in Legislation as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations and in the safe use of exchanging cylinders on lifting devices.

WORK SAFE’s Propane Cylinder Exchange Program consists of:

The program consists of Theoretical Instruction, a Knowledge Test, Practical Demonstration, and Practical Evaluation.

Training Content

  1. Characteristics of Propane and Technical Information

  2. Cylinder Components

  3. Inspection of Cylinder

  4. Cylinder Storage

  5. Installation & Removal

  6. Propane SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

  7. Personal Protective Equipment

  8. Hazards

  9. Emergency Procedures

Forklift Training Program Availability

We have a variety of forklift training programs designed according to CSA Standards and Ministry Guidelines, whether new or experienced to satisfy your needs.

You get the best when you choose WORK SAFE Training. You will have the opportunity to work closely with Trainers as they work with you to achieve your goals.  You will be guided through the theory and practical training elements so you will feel confident with your forklift knowledge and driving technique, developing the skills and expertise that employers are seeking in their employees.

We offer 3 Levels of Forklift Training depending on experience on 5 Classes of Lift Trucks.

Workplace Safety Training Course Availability

Programs are available Monday – Saturday

We offer flexible appointment times to work with your schedule.

Serving Areas : Scarborough / Toronto / Mississauga / Brampton / Vaughan / Oakville / Markham / Richmond Hill / Ajax / Pickering / Oshawa / Barrie / Durham / Hamilton / Milton / York Region / Etobicoke

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