What is the 3-Point Contact Rule?

To ensure safety and the avoiding the risk of Falls, it is important for each operator to know how to Mount or Dismount a Vehicle.

There is something called the 3-Point Contact Rule. The 3-Point Contact Rule states:

“That an individual should have 3 Points of Contact with the vehicle when they are getting on or off AT ALL TIMES. Always Face Towards the Vehicle you are mounting and Distribute your weight evenly amongst all 3 Points of Contact.The 3 Point Contact creates a Triangle of Anchor Points.  The highest level of stability is created when this triangle is closest to your Center of Gravity.

Correct Mounting Procedure:

Use the correct procedure when mounting or dismounting a vehicle or forklift, you must have three points of contact – either two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot and must be facing the lift truck.

  • Avoid Dismounting the vehicle when in motion. Only dismount when it has come to a complete stop.

  • Avoid Jumping from the vehicle which can cause an unbalanced landing or a fall.

  • Avoid wearing loose clothing as it can catch on equipment

What can an Employer do to Reduce Falls and Injuries?Inspect all equipment.Provide additional non slip surfaces / Steps and Hand Grabs / HoldsTrain all workers on the 3 Point Contact RuleImplement Safety Signs in the operator compartment or door of vehicle

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