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Where Can I Find A Forklift Job?

When looking for any type of employment it can be a difficult task.  However, when you know where to look, it can be quite simple. When it comes to Forklift (Lift Truck) Jobs, there are many avenues one may utilize.

First, in order to obtain work as a forklift driver you must be certified to operate the specific lift trucks.

Many forklift training schools can offer you connections to companies, employment agencies etc. Check with the place you received your certification from to see if they can offer any assistance. 

WORK SAFE Training Inc. provides a Free Job Assistance Program available to its students as well as to the general public.  Not only do they send you emails weekly with available jobs, they also post jobs usually on a daily on social media sites, like Facebook, and Twitter. Check out their Website and Facebook!

Employment Agencies are definitely a go to today when trying to secure a job as a Forklift Operator. They key to selecting an employment agency is choose one that is focused on your industry.  So you would be seeking an agency that finds Industrial, Logistics, Transportation, Construction, Manufacturing jobs. The goal is to register with as many as you can. The more agencies you are registered with the more opportunities you will have. It is always a good idea to drop your resume off in person if the time allows.  By going in person you leave a lasting impression.

Job Fairs are another great tool that companies and employment agencies have to fill positions.  A job fair, also referred commonly as a career fair or career expo, is a fair for employers, recruiters, and schools to meet with prospective jobseekers. You get to meet with company representatives who actually do have an impact on hiring decisions who are normally hard to reach. Check out some Fair Do’s and Don’ts!

Internet is one the best sources to find available jobs. There are many sites that you can visit daily. These sites have updated jobs throughout the day. Simply submit your resume.  Some viable site are:

Newspapers are another source to locate jobs. There are many local and community newspapers that offer a classified / help wanted section. These newspapers may also post online to their website.

Some newspapers to consider are:

The Employment News

Job Classified

The Toronto Sun

The Toronto Star



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